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20 May 2016

Vic Stathopoulos performed his 9th Gig of 2016 in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday 19th May 2016. He played 9 songs.

Vic played the following songs:

1. Sisters (Of All These Times)

2. Lena

3. Man with a Mission

Song 4 to 9 are played a Medley (Potpouri)

4. Stars of 45 (Medley)

5. Daily Rituals (Medley)

6. The Walk (cover from Eurythmics) (Medley)

7. Love to Listen to You

14 Apr 2016

Vic Stathopoulos was interviewed by Keith Mc Loughlin during his radio show on Sunday 3rd April 2016. The Radio Interview at 93.9FM Dublin South FM.

Vic performed 3 songs during his 30 minute interview. This video features the 3 songs and about two thirds of the interview.

3 songs played:

1. Me and Celecia

2. F  Bouzouki Instrumental - played on acoustic guitar.

3.  Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

12 Apr 2016

Vic Stathopoulos performed 3 songs at his 4th Gig of 2016. Vic dedicated 2 songs to George Martin who at the time had passed away. The gig video consists of 3 videos below.

Three songs played during the gig.

1. All I Want to Do is Be with You

2. I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles Cover - dedicated to George Martin)

3. I Don't Have to Show my Inhibitions (Dedicated to George Martin)

1 Apr 2016

Vic Stathopoulos will be interviewed and perform 3 songs on Sunday Night with Keith on Sunday 8.30pm, 3rd April 2016 on Dublin South 93.9FM. You can listen to the program online or live radio if you live in Dublin, Ireland. The radio present is Keith McLoughlin.

Here is a link to go directly to Dublin South 93.9FM.

The Interview will start at 8.30 to 9pm. The show goes from 8pm to 9.30pm.