22 Mar 2012

Who is River Song

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About the Song Who is River Song was written and recorded in March 2011.


River Song, who are you? River Song, who are you?

Guitar Riff We want to know (sing x 8 times)

Guitar Riff

Everybody's been guessing who is River Song No one can work it out, there is Silence all around. Why can't we see Why can't we work it out. It's got something to do with that library when the 10th Doctor let her out and that the 11th Doctor know her and he doesn't seem to not know. Is Doctor Who Eleven, is he in love? Does he really know whats going on Oh that love.

Who is River Song Who is River Song We want to know. Who is River Song Who is River Song We want to know, we want to know.


She could be a Human Tardis, or she could be a Time Lady Should could be working for the Silence She could be Omega's wife She could be simply an Earthling living in another time,

(c) Music and Lyrics Vic Stathopoulos

River Song is a character from BBC Doctor Who TV series. The River Song character was created by Steven Moffat.

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