28 Aug 2017

Study Song

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Study Song by Vic Stathopoulos. Vic wrote the music and lyrics and played all the instruments. Enjoy!


Study Song.

You can hear the song as a Youtube video:

This is the 2nd version of Study Song written by Vic uses soft synths.

As you listen to the music read the Study Song Lyrics.

About the Song

. The first version was created on a guitar and used the Roland Tr-505 drum machine with an Ibanez Bass Guitar. The above is a synth version. Song was originally recorded on a Tascam Portastudio 244.

Study song was created to inspire you in your studying in general or exams. Hopefully it will motivate you to have a great career. Good Luck!

Tips on Study Music

The first thing from my experience is that some people like to listen to music while they study and others don't. If you find you can't concentrate, why don't you try different locations like libraries, different rooms in your house or working in the park. You can also team up with another friend while they study you can study at the same time.

Focus Concentration Music

With regards to this song, it wasn't specifically written so you keep on listening to it on (if you want to you can).

I have many other songs with vocals and instrumentals that be more inspirational when studying.

When listening to the audio you can either listen to it via your music player in your mobile phone or some other player.

Motivate yourself by listening to tune. The motivating beat maybe relaxing studying Music for some students.

In my exprience getting good sleep can help your concentration.

Increase Brain Power by eating healthy foods.

I think the mind can think clearer if you avoid junk food. Mind you some people like it and may thrive and study.

If you have any comments on Study Song, please leave it on social media or on youtube.



Vic Stathopoulos


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