20 Apr 2016

Vic Performs 5th Gig of 2016

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Vic Stathopoulos peforms 3 songs at his 5th Gig of 2016. The three songs were: Why Don't You Do What You Do, In These Times (Of Love and Hate) and Me and Celceia. The three songs are viewed in three separate videos below.

Song 1:  Why Don't You Do What You Do

This song starts the gig with an acoustic guitar solo intro and then goes straight into the waltz chord rthythm.

Song 2: In These Times (of Love and Hate)

Song 3:  Me and Celceia.

This was the last of the 3 songs I played that gig. A few people in the pub said to me its one of my best and catchiest songs.

I hope you enjoyed the videos. If you did, please tell all your friends about my music.


Vic Stathopoulos


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