10 Jul 2016

New Music 2016

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Been writing alot of songs since November 2015.
Music 2016
I think the best songs in November 2015 were: Beautiful Day and Let It Go Now.
I started off the month writing some songs for Christmas like I Love Christmas and Rock This Christmas. On the 27th December I wrote a song called THAROS which I sing. Its a very catchy. Tharos means to have courage with a bit of will power. On the 29th December I wrote a song called Keep Eye on Ball. On the 31st December wrote Emotions and Comotions, Perspective and I Got It Wrong. Wow! I wrote alot of songs that month.
New Music for 2016
January I wrote Greek Wiggle with my Producer. I also wrote a song called Matter of Interpretation.
February 2016 was a great month for me writing new music. It started off with me re-recording some older songs on the 14th February: Dance Dance Dance, Dance in the Street and Don't You See.
I also wrote the 14th February 3 Original Songs: I Will Always Love You, Its Not About You and Learn to Say No.
Wrote Pitter Patter on 27th February and Got to be Happy on the 28th February. I like Got to be Happy it reminds me of one of my favourite Greek Singers Vasilis Papakonstandinou. On the 29th February which was a leap year day, I wrote Lovers Talk and Lover Quarrel. I tried to write the two opposites of the Love topic. Yes that month I wrote alot of Greek songs. I was expecting to write so many songs that month.
In March based on 12/8 rhythm played in 4/4. The songs worthy of mentioning were: Another Argument, Confrontation, Place in Your Heart, We're in Love. Also re-recorded some older songs like: Do You Love Me So, I Met a Woman, True Love, Why Don't You Do What You Do.
In April wrote 5 new songs: Do You Care, Megalomania (Tsifteteli), Stupid Talk, Then Ksero Na Sou Poso Sapgapo (Greek Song) and Think Before You Talk.
In May 2016 wrote only 1 song: Everything Will Be Alright.
In June 2016 also wrote 1 song called Lazy (Laziness).
In July 2016 wrote Whats Going On and Ta Orea (Greek Song).
You can hear some of these songs at various website ranging from http://www.planetvic.com where you can access the other websites like Soundcloud and Reverbnation.
You will also find alot of the songs here in my Reverbnation account. 
Thanks for reading the page and see you in the next blog / newsletter. Byeeee.
Vic Stathopoulos


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