28 Nov 2015

Vic's Christmas Music 2015

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Christmas Music 2015 Event is 12 day event featuring Vic's original Christmas music and covers like Jingle Bells, interesting xmas pictures and videos. It starts on 13 December.

Tell your family and friends about it.

Ho! Ho! Ho! we're going to have a Great Time!!!

Vic Stathopoulos

Here is a sample of songs that will be featured during the event.

(1).  Vic Stathopoulos singing Jingle Bells.


(2).  Chistmas Time - lyrics
(3).  Chistmas at the Beach - lyrics
(4).  Chistmas Dream

I will be adding various pictures and messages to facebook, twitter and other social media websites in the coming week and during the event.

Merry Christmas

So tell your friends, family to check out my music.


Vic Stathopoulos

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