16 Apr 2017

Coming Soon! Space Shuttle Song

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Coming Soon! Space Shuttle Song. It will be an instrumental and hopefully I will also make a video clip for it.

The song is already written, at the moment trying to perfect it. Please tell all your friends about it and mention it on your social media.
Meanwhile you can listen to Vic's other music: soundcloud.com/vic10


Space Shuttle Song

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I am excited about the tune, the music starts sparse and has that wondering sensation. This is suppose to symbolize what happened to the Space Shuttle, was it a dream and was it real? Then the music builds with the creation of the orbiter and the parts and then when the drum beat comes in, the shuttle soars into the sky.

There will be some sad moments in the music when the Space Shutte Disasters and the instrumental ends with a farewell crescendo on its final flight.

Stay tuned!

Help us promote it to all friends, family, school / work friends. 

Anyway I better sign off and continue working on the tune.


Vic Stathopoulos

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