12 Nov 2016

Red Tardis

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Red Tardis is an Australian version of Doctor Who Tardis.  I would like it to appear in an Australian Doctor Who story in the future. This is also the name of the story / Episode.

Red Tardis


'Red Tardis' story  is set in Toodyay, Western Australia. It features the 13th Doctor and a talking Tardis. Yes the Tardis talks. This story also involves the Master and the Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia.

The Doctor lands in Toodyay. Has he just regenerated? What's wrong with him? He's arguing with the Tardis. Is the Tardis playing games with the Doctor? When the Tardis get a voice?

The Doctor meets someome from Perth City on the Prospector train which is heading to Kalgoorlie. Someone from Perth meets up with the Doctor? Who is the person and what's the connection to Toodyay? Did this person send a distress call to the Doctor? They go for a picnic andn have a barbie.

Somehow the Doctor ends up in the Pinnacles National Park. Something strange is happening there. The story has something to do with fossilised rocks in the Pinnacles and the Master's Tardis? What's going on? Is there love involved? Is it really the Master?

The story has something to do with the Oranoids and the Tardis. Who are the Oranoids?

Origin of the Red Tardis

Originally the idea I had was to write a story for Doctor Who called 'Red Tardis' and have it based in Australia because the old telephones in Australia were red and they still exist in historic towns like Toodyay, Western Australia and they could be used in a story.

Blue Tardis vs Red Tardis

The blue tardis is a police box from the 1960s from the UK. The Red Tardis is a telephone box from Australia. 

The Red Tardis is transparent and you can see through. It camoflagues in its enviroment.

Tardises are originally from Gallifrey, the planet Doctor Who originates from. The Tardis can travel in space and time.

Tardis Personality

Is the Tardis good or bad? Is something controlling the Tardis? How did the Tardis get a voice. This ideas might get explained partially in the story. Does the Doctor have a companion with him? Where is the companion? What happended to them? Does the Doctor know them?

Ideas for 'Red Tardis' Episodes:

(1). The Blue Tardis meets another Tardis and its a red one. It could be owned by a future Doctor, alternative universe Doctor or it could be a rebel Tardis that escaped from Gallifrey.

(2). The Australian Red Tardises are owned by the Oranoids, a rival and related Time Lord race. The Oranoids are considered evil. Are they related to Gallifreyans. Who are they really? Can you work out the mystery?

Following Story

The Oranoids are somehow connected in this story. They may appear in a future episode / story idea.

There is a connection between the Pinnacles, Oranoids, USA, UK, Gallifrey and Tardises.

The Oranoids are connected to the Liberty Bell which is an iconic symbol of American independence located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Somehow the Bell has a connection to Time Lords, Gallifrey and also to Big Ben in London, UK.


I hope you enjoy the ideas.

If I further develop ideas then I would like to submit them either to the Doctor Who TV show, Dr Who Magazine or Big Finish which makes Doctor Who audios.


Vic Stathopoulos 

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