27 Nov 2015

Christmas at the Beach

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Christmas at the Beach music and lyrics were written by Vic Stathopoulos in 2011.

Wouldnt't it be fun (nice) to have Christmas at the Beach
with the family lazing by the beach and having a barbie.
Celebrate with family and friends during the merry season
Oh what a festive time it is.

No snow, no cold, no rain, no ice
There aint a better place to be than in the sun
spending it with the family and friends.

If your mam decides to cook the roast
and decides to go on strike,
its okay to get a take away
and have it down the beach.
Oh what fun it is to have a swim
during Christmas at the beach
and sit down and have a barbie and nice drink.

Cheers to Christmas at the Beach.

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