2 Jun 2017

Keep Your Time

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Keep Your Time song lyrics and musc is written by Vic Stathopoulos. Keep your time is about keeping ones time and trying to be punctual...keeping to schedules.



Wrote the song in October 2012. At the time I was writing about trying to get work early and finish early some days so I could go home and write some music. I would find it a strain and tiring at times because you had to get to work early then try to leave at 4pm, get home by 5pm and then spend half an hour setting up the equipment and the spontaneoulsy writing a song.
The version on this page is called Keep your time 16.10.12 (technical name for the file)..
During this period of time I also wrote an anther song called Schedules which is more punky in style.
On Friday 2nd of June 2017, I went to the Bloom Festival in Dublin and I was checking my pinterest account and I noticed I hadn't a picture of the song 'Keep Your Time'. I had the Soundcloud website, but I hadn't created a page on planetvic.com . Anyway at last I have written a page up on it.
Keep Your Time
I tweeted on Friday 2nd June 2017: 

Listen to 'Keep Your Time' by Vic Stathopoulos. https://soundcloud.com/vic10/keep-your-time #blues #alternative #rock #music #timesheet #timekeeping #time #recording #song #songs #schedule #time #management

About Time Management and Keeping Your Time

Here are some tips I discovered in trying to 'Keep your time':
1.  Have a daily to do list. You can write some of the main things you want to do for the day and put the time you need to do it.
2.  If you need to arrive at a meeting at work, visit friends or whatever try to leave at least 10 to 15 minutes in case your late.
3.  Don't stress if you late, just be patient and hopefullly most times you'll be on time.
4.  Leave yourself enough time when doing tasks. Don't try to overload your self. Okay you might keep to a schedule, but you might get stressed.
Anyway I am not trying to preach! I thought I'd write a bit about the topic. I am sure every person encounters some issues with time keeping.
Some people can get really annoyed if your late. In the past I meet a few people who are regularly late, but I have tried to be patient with them because thats their personality type. Mind you I've been late a few times. I suppose we all have. 
Anyway I hope you enjoy the song and please tell all your friends about it and spead it on the social media so other people can hear about it.
In the future I might play the song live and add the song online.
Take care,
Vic Stathopoulos
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