17 May 2017

New Music 2017

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NewMusic 2017 will feature 20 songs. So far posted 2 songs. Posting 1 song everyday on Twitter for the next 20 days. If you like the music, please tell all your friends and repost / share it on social media. Enjoy!



New Music 2017

Song 1: In My Life - (Piano Instrumental Song)

I wrote 'In My Life' on a grand piano when I was on a Classical Music course many years ago. I got inspired by the baroque and rennaisance music during the course.

Song 2: Hoping Time (Synth Instrumental)

Wrote this tune in 2010 and used the Linplug Octupus and CronoX 3. 

History about the New Songs.

Set up the page on Wednesday 17th May 2017. Started off by making a 'New Music 2017' image. Then I posted a message on Twitter and Facebook with the graphic to let people know I was planning to post a song every day for 20 days. This is a great way to enhance the information on the website, plus to give you a perspective on how I wrote some of the songs.

Wednesday 17th May 2017 on Twitter posted: Posting 1 song everyday on Twitter for the next 20 days on http://www.planetvic.com regards Vic #new #music #music #musicnews #newmusic

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the music! Please come back to hear more!


Vic Stathopoulos

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