3 Mar 2016

2nd Gig of 2016 at Mother Reilly's, Rathmines, Dublin

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Vic played his 2nd Gig of 2016 at Mother Reilly's, Rathmines, Dublin on Thursday 25th, February 2016. This gig featured the first time Vic played the "I Got It Wrong" live.

Played 5 songs:

1. Childhood Dreams

2. I Got it Wrong & Just for You (Medley)

3. Promise Not to Tell

4. Oh Baby Your Driving me Mad.

The Songs

Childhood Dreams is a rock song in the key of A. Its a fun uplifting song. The theme is even as adults we have aspirations to things and these may have been inspired from when you were a child or a teenager.

I Got it Wrong has a Beatles feel to it. Just for You also has a Beatlesque feel to it. Both 'I got it wrong' and 'Just for You' work well in medley form cause they have similar beats / rhythms.

Promise Not to Tell is an upbeat song with a country rock feel to it. It has a very nice catchy guitar solo. Worth checking.

Oh Baby Your Driving Me Mad. This song has a Beatles / 1960s feel to it. Originally the song was recorded with 3 voice sining in unison. In this version its an acoustic guitar and vocals. This is another fun and easy to sing along to.

About the Gig

This was the first time I played "I Got It Wrong" and I felt it went okay. I knew before I did the gig that the song lacked verses, but I sort of compensated this adding my song "Just for You" after it to play it like a medley. I think this added some variety and excitement to the "I Got It Wrong" song.

I arrived at 10.00pm at the venue - Mother Reilly's for Ma Thursdays Singer Songwriting Session. I got onstage at 11.30pm. I was the last act on the stage that evening.
By the time I got on, alot of people started to leave because some people had to catch buses and also alot of the audience were musicians and they had already played so they left.

I decided after that Thursday evening that its probably better to start earlier because there is more audience. So on the Thurday 3rd March 2016 gig I decided to arrive at 8.30pm so I can start earlier.

I hope you enjoyed the video and please tell your friends / family about my songs.


Vic Stathopoulos



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