14 Jul 2016

Near FM Sessions Radio Show

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Vic Stathopoulos was interviewed and performed 3 songs at Near FM Sessions Radio Show at 8pm Thursday 14th July 2016. Below are two videos from the interview and also an audio recording of the interview.

Video Part 1

If you want to go to the original video, then click on the link below:

The songs I am playing are:

1. Me and Celceia

2. Kathmera Pou Se Vlepo and Kalosorises Vre (Greek Songs) - Translation: Everytime I See You and Welcome Friend.

3. Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.

Video Part 2 - Talking about Gigs

The link below is goes directly to the video.


During the interview with Noel Michael Murphy, I talked about my experience in Nashville recording and performing Lena in the Ryman Auditorium and how got to play Lena in the famous Tootsies bar. We also talked about giging in Dublin and I mentioned by play regularly at Mother Reilly's and that I had recently played at Bradys Sessions in Terenure, a suburb in Dublin.

Audio Interview on Soundcloud:

Below is an audio recording of the interview:

The link below goes to the audio page on Soundcloud:


Below is a picture of Noel the interviewer and Vic at Near FM Studios.

In the picture you can also see Vic's camera which he used to video the interview and just to the right of the camera is a case for the Zoom portable recorder. This is used for making audio recordings of when playing at gigs or at various venues.

To the left of the microphone are the tripod legs used by the video camera.

Please note the above audio was recorded by the audio engineers at Near FM.

Vic Stathopoulos with Noel at Near Fm Sessions

Hope you enjoyed the interviews and music.

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Vic Stathopoulos

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