31 Mar 2014

New Music Website Design

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Vic Stathopoulos website has a New Music Website Design. It was changed on Monday 31st March 2014.

I decided to change the design recently because the Vic Stathopoulos website did not have a responsive design. You may ask what does 'responsive design' mean? It means when you use the 'Vic Stathopoulos' website on various media like ipad, mobile phones, desktop computer, laptops that the web interface resizes and its easy to use and read on that device.


Planetvic.com is using a contact management system (cms) called Drupal 7. The previous design has been used since 2011.

I am using a template called Bamboo. I still feel the website needs alot of work. I like the grey background, but I am not too keen on the orange. I need to find a way to change the colour.


- Responsive Design
- Modern modern desgin than the previous one.


- There are only 3 choices of colour and orange seems the best.
- I want to find a way to change the news/blog date, it takes to much screen real estate.

What has changed since the last redesign?

- I have moved the left column to the right and I have reduced the amount of items in that column.
- The homepage posts have reduced from 10 posts per page to 5 posts. This save page loading time.
- I also fixed the news menu, it was defaulting to the homepage. The news section is now a dedicated page.

As I improve the website I will add the update info on this page.

Please leave a comment below, I would like to hear your opinion.



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