15 Jun 2016

Space Walking

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Space Walking music by Vic Stathopoulos. It is an electronic instrumental and was written in 2007. The music has a nice catchy fun melody to it.

About the Song

20 May 2016

Vic Stathopoulos performed his 9th Gig of 2016 in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday 19th May 2016. He played 9 songs.

Vic played the following songs:

1. Sisters (Of All These Times)

2. Lena

3. Man with a Mission

Song 4 to 9 are played a Medley (Potpouri)

4. Stars of 45 (Medley)

5. Daily Rituals (Medley)

6. The Walk (cover from Eurythmics) (Medley)

7. Love to Listen to You

28 Apr 2016

Hi Friends, 

Playing my 8th Gig in Rathmines, Dublin tonight. It is my 8th gig of 2016.

I plan to play 3 songs:

1.  Sisters (Of all these Times).

2.  Promise Not to Tell

3.  With a Little Discussion

If I get the chance I might play Senseless Isn't It.

Your welcome to come to the gig if you are in town.


Vic Stathopoulos

20 Apr 2016

Vic Stathopoulos peforms 3 songs at his 5th Gig of 2016. The three songs were: Why Don't You Do What You Do, In These Times (Of Love and Hate) and Me and Celceia. The three songs are viewed in three separate videos below.

Song 1:  Why Don't You Do What You Do

This song starts the gig with an acoustic guitar solo intro and then goes straight into the waltz chord rthythm.

20 Apr 2016

Music 2014

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Music 2014 is a Time Line of Vic Stathopoulos Gigs, Events of 2014, including songwriting / recording dates.

Wed 17, December * Last Gig of 2014 was performed at Mother Reilly's pub in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland.

Sun 13 Dec * Next Gig will be at Mother Reilly's on Wed 17, December. Mentioned this on planetvic sidebar as info.

14 Apr 2016

Vic Stathopoulos was interviewed by Keith Mc Loughlin during his radio show on Sunday 3rd April 2016. The Radio Interview at 93.9FM Dublin South FM.

Vic performed 3 songs during his 30 minute interview. This video features the 3 songs and about two thirds of the interview.

3 songs played:

1. Me and Celecia

2. F  Bouzouki Instrumental - played on acoustic guitar.

3.  Money Doesn't Grow on Trees



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