20 Apr 2016

Music 2014

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Music 2014 is a Time Line of Vic Stathopoulos Gigs, Events of 2014, including songwriting / recording dates.

Wed 17, December * Last Gig of 2014 was performed at Mother Reilly's pub in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland.

Sun 13 Dec * Next Gig will be at Mother Reilly's on Wed 17, December. Mentioned this on planetvic sidebar as info.

November * Played 2 gigs in Mother Reilly''s. You can watch the videos of the performances:
1.  1st Gig of November 2014
2.  2nd Gig of November 2014 at Mother Reilly's.

Fri 5 Sept * Next Gig will be at Mother Reilly's on Wed 3, October.

Tues 2nd September * Performed 2nd Gig at Darkey Kellys.

Sun 31 Aug * 2nd Gig at Darkey Kellys. will be on 2nd September. See you there! This was announced on the planetvic sidebar news part.

Wed 13 Aug * Peformed 9 new original songs at Mother Reilly's in Dublin, Ireland.

Wed 30th, July * Vic performed Sisters and Medley at Mother Reilly's pub.

Sun 29th June * Doctor Who Series 8 Starts August 23, 2014 on BBC1. 

Wed 25 June * Performing at a Taste of Music at Arthurs in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday 5th, July.

Tues 24 June * Playing at Freaked Out Accoustic Session at Czech Inn, Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday 2nd July

Fri 30 May * Next Gig will be at Mother Reilly's on Wed 4, June

Fri 30 May * Had a great time performing at Brady's Sessions. Also enjoyed the other acts.

Tues 13 May * Performed 1st Gig at Darkey Kelley's.

Wed 23 Apr * Add 'Man with a Mission' lyrics

Wed 23 Apr * Performed First Gig at Mother Reily's, Rathmines, Dublin on Wed 23 Apr.

Wed 15 Apr * Performed my first medley (potpourri) at International Bar, Dublin.

Thursday 6th April * Wrote and recorded the song 'Gym of Life'.

March 2014 * Wrote a few songs that month including 'Interpretations', 'I Really Like You', 'Sing Till Late'.

Wed 26th, Febuary 2014 * Wrote Negative People.

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