15 Jun 2016

Space Walking

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Space Walking music by Vic Stathopoulos. It is an electronic instrumental and was written in 2007. The music has a nice catchy fun melody to it.

About the Song

The idea when writing Space Walking that one day there might be space tourists going to space and I thought this music could be nice listening to it as you launched into space or when you went for a space walk. The song is dedicated to all Space Tourists / NASA fans.

When I originally wrote the song I had Virgin Galactic in mind for the inspiration for writing the song.

I have written many songs before space related. My first attempt at writing a song about space walking was called Walking on Mars. I have never added the song online because the mix was very rought and it was recorded on an Amiga A1200 usingMusic-X software.

I have other space music related songs on the internet like Stars and Galaxy and Planet Venus. 

The Space Walking song was composed on a MacBook Pro 2.33 GHZ using the Logic Pro software.

Space Walking Picture

The original recording is called Space Walking 18.7.07.

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Vic Stathopoulos

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