23 Jun 2014

Taste of Music at Arthurs

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Vic Stathopoulos performed at a Taste of Music at Arthurs on Saturday 5th July.  He will played some of his best songs including 'Lena' and 'Me and Celceia'.

Vic started the gig with a greek bouzouki solo which he performed alone with his guitar. He then continued with his song 'Promise Not to Tell'. He also played some greek songs.

Live Music at Arthurs Pub by Vic Stathopoulos

The Gig
Vic started the gig with a greek solo instrumental which he played with his guitar. Originally he wrote the song on a bouzouki. 
He also played Promise Not to Tell, Lena, They Play My Feelings, Life can be Too Short, Many Times, Ela Sagapo (greek song), o Kousaros (Greek Cover Song) and Mougenes Brahnas (greek song).

3 other acts played that evening. They were: Ian Kelmer (Brazil), Chris Maxey (USA) and Nauria De Andrade (Portugal).  

A Taste of Dublin is a once monthly international music night with performers from different parts of the world. It is held in Arthurs pub, which is located on 28 Thomas Street, Dublin, Ireland.

Admin is free so please come along and tell your friends to support this great event!

About Vic Stathopoulos

Vic is a singer / songwriter. He sings in English and in Greek. He performs on a regular basis on the Dublin music circuit.

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