6 Sep 2014

2nd Gig at Darkey Kellys

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Vic performed his 2nd gig at Darkey Kellys on Tuesday 2nd September 2014. This page features 2 awesome videos from the gig. Enjoy!

Video 1 includes: gig intro and 'Kalo Skopo' - a greek song

Vic started the gig at 8pm with his first ever performance of his self-penned greek song called 'Kalo Skopo'. 'Kalo Skopo' means 'good intentions' in english. This song features a really nice funky guitar part in various parts of the song.

The gig also featured a medley of 2 catchy Jazz beat like songs. The songs were:  'Maybe'  and 'You were telling me about the other nite'.

Video 2: songs featured: 'Maybe', 'You were telling me about the other nite', 'I was deceived' and  'To the Victory'

Songs performed included:

1.   Kalo Skopo (Greek Song)
2.   Maybe
3.   You were telling me about the other nite\
4.   I was deceived
5.   To the Victory

During the gig Vic incorrectly referred to the 4th song as 'King of the Unbelievables', the actual song played was 'To the Victory'.

Note: All songs were written and performed by Vic Stathopoulos.

Where is the pub located? 

The Darkey Kellys is a pub and it is located on Fishamble Street, Christchurch, Dublin 2 in Ireland.

Did you know?

Vic played his 1st Gig at Darkey Kellys in May 2014.

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Vic Stathopoulos

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