2 Feb 2016

Writing Song

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This section is about writing song. To write a song is easy, but to write a classic is hard. A song needs to draw the listener in with an interesting lyric. It needs to be catchy.

Writing Song Tips:

Song Writing

If you want to writing a song, the first thing you have to think of is a catchy title. If you can't then simply experiment and maybe write some music and an idea might come. If you cannot find an obvious title then look at the theme of the song and choose the title based on it. This title could be part of a a chorus or even a repetitive riff that is found in the song.

You can write a song with anything. You do not need to have an instrument. You can even whistle a tune. The best approach is to be yourself when writing song. Try to improvise with what ever instrument you are using. If you are using a computer in your writing, try to play live and edit the song later.

If you have no idea what the song should be about either think of a theme, song title or use the beat of your favourite song as inspiration. It is also useful to experiment with different Greek Music. There are many types of rythms and ideas you can incorporate in your music. If you cannot think of any ideas, get a newspaper or magazine and have a look for words or a theme you like.

Structure of a Song

In terms of structure, there are various types. They can vary from A AA to ABABCA. The A refers to verse, B refers to Chorus and C is the Middle 8. A song format of AAA would mean three verses with no chorus.

The most common method is the ABABCA: verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, middle 8 section and repeating the chorus with fade out. As you gain experience you can experiment with a song structure. It is best to listen to other classic famous artists to get ideas and techniques in what they use.

A verse can be at least two of lines that give the details of the song. The chorus is a section contains the catchiest part (hook) of the song. It is often the title of the song.

Recording the Music

There are various methods you can use to record your music.

1. Use a Computer

Logic ProYou can either use a midi/audio music program to record your music. The best programs on the PC are: Cubase and Sonar. If you use a Mac, great programs are Logic Express, Digital Performer, Metro, Cubase, Ablerton Live and Pro Tools. If you are buying a new Mac, Apple includes iLife which includes Garageband which is great as a scratch pad for ideas.

2. You can use a simple walkman and simply tape yourself.

3. If you can afford it, then going to a studio can be an alternative.

4. Collaborate with other song writers.

Promoting Music

You can use the internet as a vehicle to market your music. Also keep an eye out for band / song writing competitions.

My Songs

These are some songs I have collaborated with others. Song Writers perhaps we could team up and writing song would be nice. If you want to give us an email and perhaps we could team up!

Past songs that I have collaborated!

1). Avengence (1986) =) Dominic Zagari

2). Degenerated World (1986) =)  Sergei Sharrinovsky

3). Devil's Music (1987) =) Lyrics by Wendy Symonds

4). Get out of my Room (1987) =) Lyrics by Wendy Symonds

5). Hey! Hey! (I love you so) (1987) =) Arthur Stathopoulos

6). I want to be Loved (1993)  =) Sotirios Stathopoulos

7). Soft! Soft! (1987) =) Lyrics by Wendy Symonds

If you want to collaborate writing song!

  1. Tell us what musical instruments you play.

  2. Are you better at writing music or lyrics?

  3. What style of music would you like to write?

  4. What subject would you like the songs to be about?

  5. Are you an experienced writer?

  6. Do you have a web site?


Writing Song would be fun so give us an email and do check out my other web sites!

Vic Stathopoulos

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