16 Aug 2016

In these Times (of Love and Hate)

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In These Times (of Love and Hate) is a spanish style by Vic Stathopoulos.

Song Versions

You can hear produced version of In these Times of Love and Hate on Reverbnation.


Note: this is not the original song recording.

About the Song

The song was originally written on a Fender Guitar with the spanish rhythm riff chords and it uses a beguine rhythm. The version on this page is acoustic version and was performed at Mother Reilly's. The video ends saying 'ole' like the spanish.

Love and Hate Song

The song title sort of questions love and hate in relationships. The songs lyrics portray love and hate in various ways: from the couple's perspective questioning it and from other people looking into a relationship. If a couple is in love, is it right that a family, friends question? On the one hand a couple could be in love, but other people may not see that these couple are in love.

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Vic Stathopoulos

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