19 Nov 2013

Song for Doctor Who

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Song for Doctor Who lyrics - music and lyrics by Vic Stathopoulos. The song is dedicated to Doctor Who TV Show and character.

Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who?

Doctor Who (he) comes from Gallifrey in the Kastoberous constellation
He travels in time and space
He goes all around the universe and through time and space (in his Tardis)

His name is the Doctor
He's known by (also) different names
and he travels at times around in time and space (known with different faces)
He's our friend, he's your friend.


Doctor Who , Doctor Who

We first meet him with that unearthly child named Susan
They were Totters Yard on Earth
Thats when they started their adventures in 1963 (23 November 1963)
and they have been going ever since so long (so strong)
But now the funny thing that has happended to the Doctor
His day has come.
His has reached his 50th moment
and he just keeps on going
The Day of the Doctor has come.
The Day of the Doctor has come.
The Day of the Doctor has come.

The Doctor's going to continue having new adventures
He's meet Lethbridge Stewart, UNIT, Torchwood and other teams.
He's been around the universe
He's been doing alot of things
He's been in silence
He's been in various dream (had various dreams)
But sometimes, things don't goes always go right
He gets in trouble and does always win
Sometimes there is always a devil around
you got the Daleks, the Master, the Zygons and Sontarans too
and Davros hiding there too

Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who

He's got alot of companions,
He's got alot of friends in different parts of the universe
His name is the Doctor
He flies in his Tardis through time and space and he has his sonic screw driver with him.

The Doctor travels with companions at various times
The Doctor fights his different foes.
His Tardis takes him through various times in history, present or future or in alternative time lines.
He tries help all if he can.

This is a song about Doctor Who
We celebrate him on this special
Doctor Who has done so much for us
We celebrate and pray
that nothing happens him
on this special day

We celebrate

Doctor Who is copyrighted by BBC.

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