17 Dec 2012

New Years Eve Party

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Good Evening.......Welcome to the Vic Stathopoulos New Years Eve Party.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls - the Vic Stathopoulos New Years Eve Party has Started.


4th Song: Stars and Galaxies

The music in 'Stars and Galaxies' is called 'Distant Stars. It was written and performed by Vic Stathopoulos. The video is from AeroSpaceGuide.

Happy New Year- the Party Continues..

3rd Song: People of Today.

People of Today Music

Listen to the People of Today - click on link or use player below.

Feel like I'm in a hologram on Star Trek.

Picture: Party like a Vulcan

Its really tricky to run the New Years Party. I need to need to post updated to Facebook, tweet on Twitter, add new updates to the Vic Stathopoulos page, answer phone calls, have sips of champayne, have some nice snacks etc etc. I am having lots of fun! fun! fun!

2nd Song: Who is River Song
River Song is a character from Doctor Who. This was the 1st song about River. Here are the lyrics for Who is River Song. The second song is called Revenge of River Song.

Quiz Time: Can anyone guess the name of the 1st Song Vic Stathopoulos ever wrote?

Hint: The song has 2 words: 1st word _ _ _ 3 letters & 2nd word _  _ _ _ 4 letters.

1st Song: Planet Venus Mission

Party! Party! Party!

I am still partying away. I still got lots of songs and things to add online.

Vic Stathopoulos online party starts 9pm GMT 31.12.2012 and ends 1am 1.1.2013.

Party Event Time moved to 10pm GMT. Having lots of problems with my computer and internet connection. Sorry! 

I will be adding lots of info during the evening. The evening will feature lots of music, pictures, quizzes, videos, interaction via social media websites and lots more.

I plan to write and record music live and it online during the party.

Here is a nice picture if you want to use it on Facebook, Blog or wherever to promote the event.


Tune in to Vic Stathopoulos New Years Eve Party and listen to Vic's own Doctor Who Playlist - original music written and performed by Vic Stathopoulos.  The Doctor Who playlist will go online at 10pm GMT ON 31st December 2012.

Songs include:

  1. Doctor Who - unofficial version by Vic Stathopoulos
  2. Who is River Song
  3. Revenge of River Song
  4. Who is Doctor Who?

Please tell all your friends and also listen to my music,


Also you can hear  other music by Vic Stathopoulos @ http://soundcloud.com/vic10

Pictures for Promoting the New Years Eve Party:

Use these on Facebook, Tumblr, or wherever you can.

New Years Eve Party


Vic Stathopoulos


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