12 Jan 2016

Let it Go Now

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Let it go now music and lyrics were written by Vic Stathopoulos in November 2015.

Verse 1

Somethings don't go right
but if your writing a negative song,
but in a few more weekss / few more years tome 
You try to sing and still feel the pain
that means your not over it.
If you still thinking of that thing happended long ago
If your feeling a little emotional pain
You can't react to it, 
You got to feel it.
You got to express it some good way and then it'll away.

Verse 2

No point in holdiing it in
Its a futile excerise for you
So open your heart and let it out
But no in anger and not suppressing it inside
You got to let go
You got to let go

Verse 3

And if you can't get rid of it
Its better to get some help
There's no point in carrying things inside for years
Cause they're going toeat and pester all the time
so do it right
Let it go now, Let it go now
Let it go now, Let if go now

Guitar Solo

Verse 4

And if you find that you havnt found that solution yet (still not yet)
You try someone (something) unitl you just get it right
So don't panic, you'll get the solution
Just remember have a break
and keep a quiet mind and everything 
hopefully will be good in time
In time, in time, in time, in time.


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