16 Feb 2016

Fear of the Unknown

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Fear of the Unknown music and lyrics is written by Vic Stathopoulos. You can also hear the performamce of Fear of the Unkown.
Version 1 in red refers to original song lyrics.

Fear of the Unknown
Its in your mind
Its hidden inside
Its hidden awide.

Fear of the Unkown
It lingers high
in the sky of your mind.

Guitar Riff


Why does the sky got to do with it?
Its so high in the back of the mind
Its so high high high up there.
You gonna try to get there.
Cause you know you can there
if you wanna beat the fear of the unknown

Version 1 of the Song

just high up there climb up so high
Cause you think you'll fall inside.

You just might cry of the fear of the unknown

You got to try to get up there if you can
If you don't go there, you'll wake up 
and is going to bring down.

So you got to try to get there if you can
You going to make it someday
Your going to make it if you can.

Fear of the Unknown. 
Its going to bring you down (2x)
Fear of the Unknown (2x)

(c) 2012 Vic Stathopoulos. All Right Reserved.



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