4 Feb 2016

Be Yourself Lyrics

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Be Yourself music and lyrics were written by Vic Stathopoulos. You can also listen to the Be Yourself music.

Yeah! Yeah! Oh! Ah!
Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!
Be Youself, Be Yourself,
Be Youself, Be Yourself,
Be Youself, Be Yourself.

Don't listen to what other people say
You just be yourself everyday
Just be what you feel inside
Don't listen to the other kind.


Be Yourself, Be Youself
Be Youself, Oh Yeah!
Be Youself, Oh Yeah!

Don't listen to gossip, gossipers and rumours
They're all untrue
They twist what they say to you
They play with your ego
THey just want to put you down
They dont want to hand around
They get the goodness out of them
They're not the best
Just keep out the rest
Keep your good friends and 
Enjoy Your Time.


Be Yourself, Be Youself
Be Youself, Be Youself
Oh Be Youself
Oh Be Youself. Oh Yeah!


Get into the dance floor and have a good time
Forget about life if things don't go fine.
Get into the rhythm and your feeling the best
Get into the mood if you don't feel like the rest
Have a shower, go for a walk and fit the rest
Come on get on the floor and be the best
Have a trip, relax
You can do what you want
Lets get to the nefer and have some fun

Be Yourslef, Be Yourself
Be Yourself, Be Yourself.

(C) 2015 Vic Stathopoulos . All Rights Reserverd.


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