25 Jun 2013

Greek Jazz

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Greek Jazz music and lyrics are by Vic Stathopoulos. This song is about a Greek trumpet player who performs in Athens. Greek Jazz was originally written with drums, trumpet played by keyboard and vocals. 

Greek Jazz


Well I'm just a Greek Jazz Player playing on my own.
Well I like to blow my trumpet all night long.
I like to express myself
You know I'm a Greek Jazz man
I like to blow my trumpet and play my feelings to you.

Well I'm alone, got different experiences for you
I go busking down Athens around avenues.
Well I play my trumpet from the heart everyday
and I love to play my Greek melodies.


Well I love to express myself just to you
Well I can play whatever melody you want me to.
Well I express myself
I excel myself
I love to play for you.

You know I can be so quiet
I might come up with a melody
Greek Jazz is on my mind.
I know what I want to express to you.


Well I'm just a Greek Jazz

About the Greek Jazz Song


I wrote the song spontaneously. The song was inspired by the brass sound on the Roland Juno Gi keyboard. The song starts with a brass riff I had already written for a song ages ago. As I started playing the idea ' Greek Jazz' came into my mind.

I like to record spontaneouslybecause I can come up with some ideas that I would have never thought of and plus the song ends up in a different direction from what I thought it would end up to.

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