31 Dec 2014

Goodbye 2014 and Welcome 2015

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Goodbye 2014 and Welcome 2015. Thanks for all the support through the year.

2014 was an awesome year. I did alot of sing-songwriter gigs this year mainly playing my own songs. Near the end of the year I played some covers from the Eurythmics and some Greek music too.

I didn't spend that much time writing new music. I changed job and I spent alot of time trying to work out where I was going with my music and other hobbies. So 2014 was more of a personal year of discovery of life, people and situations and I feel I am a better place now.



One of my big plans for 2015 is to record an album and to release some singles. I will try to sell them so I can cover my costs.

I plan to make some videos, get a few photo shoots done and hopefully get better gigs in 2015.

I want to thank all the people that supported me through the year in their various ways. Its been a journey and hopefully in 2015 my music will make it on itunes and wherever else I can.

I will be writing a new batch of songs in 2015 and musically I will try to alternate the music styles and have some guitar based and some synth based. I will also do more experimentation and be more spontaneous. The great thing about being spontaneous you can come up with some really brilliant ideas and some which are so so or some which are for the bin. Its a bit of trial and error and you have to be ready for the moment the new idea pops up.

PlanetVic Website

I will further enhance the website with new features. I am thinking of adding polls, adding more lyrics and I might change the interface sometime. Last year I changed the template and I like this one, but I think its time to spice it up a bit more.

Best of luck for 2015.

Happy New Year!

Vic Stathopoulos

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