9 Dec 2015

12 Days of Christmas Music

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12 days to Christmas music by Vic Stathopoulos features a new song every day for 12 days. Each day a new song with lyrics or instrumental will be released and you be able to download it for free. Share it with your friends and tell the all about Vic's music.

Here is a list that will fill up each day as the songs are added online. Here we go:


(1).    Christmas Dream 

(2).    Christmas on the Beach

(3).    _______________________________________________

(4).    _______________________________________________

(5).    _______________________________________________

(6).    _______________________________________________

(7).    _______________________________________________

 (8).   _______________________________________________

(9).   ______________________________________________

(10).  ______________________________________________

(11.  ______________________________________________

(12).  ______________________________________________

Ho! Ho! Ho! the music will be amazzzzing!

So tell all your friends and family and spread the word about Vic's music.


Vic Stathopoulos


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