24 Oct 2013

Lena at the International Bar, Dublin

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Vic Stathopoulos performed Lena at the International Bar, Dublin, Ireland on Monday 21st October 2013.  Check out the video performance below.

This is the first time I have performed original music in Dublin in a long time. After performing 'Lena' at Tootsies in Nashville in September 2013 I was inspired to perform live. This was the first time I played solo with guitar and no backing band. I felt nervous and was worried I might forget the lyrics when I went on stage.

I arrived at the International Bar at 10pm and signed my name to play one song. Open mic started at 11pm and I was fourth on the list. Before 11pm pre-booked artists were performing. These artists included a French Poet and comedy duo sing at cats (which I thought was catastic!).

I stood at the entrance of the bar most of the time because it was very warm and the small venue was full. I went up and down the stairs to the top a few times to get some fresh air, plus to practice my lyrics and check the tuning of my guitar. This is the first time I used my accoustic guitar live. Its a Cort guitar.

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