16 Nov 2012

New Songs for November 2012

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Its mid novmeber 2012 and its 6 weeks to christmas and I am preparing some new songs. If you have any feedback on my music, please add it to the forum section:


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Vic Stathopoulos Newsletter and Login page.

I would like to thank you all for joining the newsletter. For all the new readers/listerners I have added some questions when you join the newsletter / login for planetvic.com. Why? I thought it would be nice to know a little about you, like where you are from and what types of music you like and which is your favourite. The link is available on the left column of all pages on planetvic.

New Songs

I have added 2 new songs online in early november and they are called:

(1). Keep Your Time

(2). Schedules - rock style


(3). Lies - has as reggae drum feeling to the song

You can listen to them on revernation =>  http://www.reverbnation.com/vicstathopoulos

I have written a few new songs november, but I have not added them online because I feel they are too experimental. I wrote an instrumental a few years ago called 'Final Fall' and I might make a video for it sometime in the next few weeks. I will annouce it via this blog.

Vic Stathopoulos Website News

I had some major ideas in developing this website, but it hasn't worked out the way I have wanted because it simply don't have the time to write music, record mix it, maintain this website and keep up the social media sites too. I am going to try to introduce a weekly blog and see how it goes. It will mention what I am doing musically and I will try to mention some topics that may interest you.

Vic Stathopoulos on Reverbnation

Just to let you know Revernation recently had a face-lift and they have added lots of new features. Not only can you listen to Vic Stathopoulos music there, but you can listen to lots of other great music artists. Check it out! http://www.reverbnation.com/vicstathopoulos Have a nice day or evening, whereever on Earth. Byeeee.

Vic Stathopoulos (Friday 16th November 2012)

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