7 Mar 2016

Walkabout Lyrics

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Walkabout Music and Lyrics are by Vic Stathopoulos. The song is a really catchy song to sing along to especially the Bah! Bah! improvisational part. The song is about growing up in Perth Australia and is inspired by Australian Aborigines Walkabout ritual.

Verse 1

I got back to town
Where I grew up
I'm Back in the good ol' life
I got my feet on the ground
I live a common life which I'm proud of.

But I stil like to go walkabout (sing 4 times)

Bah! Bah!.........

Verse 2

My mind may twist
I still follow my tradition
Which I believe is right or wrong
Wander in the day
Wander in the night
I follow my intuition
I go walkabout.

Bah! Bah!.........

But I still like to go Walkabout (sing 4 times)

You don't realise what you've got 
til its gone away.

Bah! Bah!.........

Middle 8

Well I'm a Rocker
Well I'm a Souler
Well I'm a Human Righter
Oh Yeah!

Bah! Bah!.........

I got Walkabout (sing 3 times)

Bah! Bah!.........

Voice Solo

Bah! Bah!.........

(c) 1991 Vic Stathopoulos. All Rights Reserved.


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