12 Nov 2016

Red Tardis

Submitted by admin

Red Tardis is an Australian version of Doctor Who Tardis.  I would like it to appear in an Australian Doctor Who story in the future. This is also the name of the story / Episode.

Red Tardis

7 Sep 2016

Everything Will Be Alright

Submitted by admin

Everything Will Be Alright music and lyrics written by Vic Stathopoulos..

Verse 1

Your cruising along in life and everything is fine.
All of a sudden, things don't seem so right.
Somethings come up, around your thinking.
Its playing with your mind, your overthinking.

Cause your mind goes into a spin.
It doesn't know when its going to win,
in this confusion.
Its going round and round,
its spinning around,
Its lost in the delusion. 

15 Jun 2016

Space Walking

Submitted by admin

Space Walking music by Vic Stathopoulos. It is an electronic instrumental and was written in 2007. The music has a nice catchy fun melody to it.

About the Song



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