20 Feb 2015

The lyrics to Man with a Mission have been changed various times. The top version is the latest one.

Man With the Mission

Verse 1

Well the Man with the Mission
had a sneak suspicion
He is out to go where (other) people won't go
He's a super sleuth
He's got supernatural powers
He can play it mild
He can play it wild.


Cause he's the Man with the Mission
has a secret smile
and passionate style

9 May 2014

9 to 5 (Part 2) Lyrics - music and lyrics by Vic Stathopoulos.

Verse 1

When I spoke of the daily rituals of 9 to 5
It was a trivial discussion in this little town of mine.
When I sang about the studies
Look at the results I ended up getting
and that I've matured,
I've had to face from within.


Oh Look at what you face
Look at the human race
Look at its history

Verse 2

19 Nov 2013

Song for Doctor Who lyrics - music and lyrics by Vic Stathopoulos. The song is dedicated to Doctor Who TV Show and character.

Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who?

Doctor Who (he) comes from Gallifrey in the Kastoberous constellation
He travels in time and space
He goes all around the universe and through time and space (in his Tardis)

His name is the Doctor
He's known by (also) different names
and he travels at times around in time and space (known with different faces)
He's our friend, he's your friend.


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