23 Apr 2012

People of Today

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People of Today is a rock song written and performed by Vic Stathopoulos. I added People of Today to SoundCloud on 24 April 2012. https://soundcloud.com/vic10/people-of-today-22-4-12-uln6

People of Today Music

Writing the Tune:

People of Today was written on accoustic guitar and the main guitar riff was created first. Once the guitar riff was created, the melody came up straight away. The song has a nice rock upbeat, I tried to make the drums sound a bit more urgent because I wanted it to feel as if the people had something to say.


To hear other music by Vic Stathopoulos: https://soundcloud.com/vic10

Picture Reference:

The 'People of Today' picture was created by Vic Stathopoulos. The person with the megaphone was sourced from:
I have copied the website to ask if its okay to incoporate it in the pic I made. Emailed them on Tueday 24th, April, 2012.


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