16 Nov 2012

Red Tardis

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Red Tardis is an Australian version of Doctor Who Tardis.  I would like it to appear in an Australian Doctor Who story in the future.

Red Tardis

The Tardis can travel in space and time.

Origin of the Red Tardis

Originally the idea I had was to write a story for Doctor Who called 'Red Tardis' and have it based in Australia because the old telephones in Australia were red and they still exist in historic towns like Toodyay, Western Australia and they could be used in a story.

Blue Tardis vs Red Tardis

The blue tardis is a police box from the 1960s from the UK. The Red Tardis is a telephone box from Australia. 

The Red Tardis is transparent and you can see through. It camoflagues in its enviroment.

Ideas for 'Red Tardis' Episodes:

(1). The Blue Tardis meets another Tardis and its a red one. It could be owned by a future Doctor, alternative universe Doctor or it could be a rebel Tardis that escaped from Gallifrey.

(2). The Australian Red Tardises are owned by the Oranoids, a rival and related Time Lord race. The Oranoids are considered evil.

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