28 Feb 2016

Same Old Game

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Same Old Game music and lyrics are by Vic Stathopoulos. The song was written and first recorded in 2009.

It started on the day I went to work 
and ended on the day I left.
Sooner or later I realised
it was a big game,
but it took me a long time
I fell into the grips of the game
I felt I was so hypnotized
They got their aim (in same old game).

Cause I wanned
I didn't feel that okay
Cause I went insane
I got the grip of the fright.

Long ago I was given advice
and couldn't keep the prize
Long ago if I could have done it right,
but I would have the sight.
Long ago if I had been a knight
I could have been so bright
Long ago, now I cna look back and now and say
that everything is much better
and I feel so clear

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