9 May 2014

9 to 5 (Part 2)

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9 to 5 (Part 2) Lyrics - music and lyrics by Vic Stathopoulos.

Verse 1

When I spoke of the daily rituals of 9 to 5
It was a trivial discussion in this little town of mine.
When I sang about the studies
Look at the results I ended up getting
and that I've matured,
I've had to face from within.


Oh Look at what you face
Look at the human race
Look at its history

Verse 2

Once a friend said to me 'Relax and Be Calm'
Oh nothing comes to you in your hand
and they talk about what's left,
When there was nothing there at all
and I said to myself once I had heroes,
I thought you realised they were saints
Oh hurt feelings (thats all I need now)
Oh these feelings (thats all I need now).

(Once I had heroes and now I realised they wern't saints)

Chorus 2

Oh look at what you face
the human race
and its mysteries

Verse 3

Now watch yourself grow older in the other place
the world is changing this human race
we're still going on about the same ol' things
we're still going in the same circles
Orange and brown and green effects too
relative to our self destruction, political stress at ease,
I'm going to go  about finding out a solution
Oh! what do we have to face.

(you grow till your old in the face
what has changed in the human race?
were still going on about the same
its a never ending race
its like the spider caught in the 4 walls
Al we hear is the environment, the green effects too
we're lading to our destruction, politcal social stress
I'm a believer no matter what they think we're doing our best.)

All the things they were saying, they just dare,
but the hald that try, get left behind
and it turns out where there nothing at all)

Don't care what they said before,
I won't despair, because we're going round and round
Well the things they say, its just a game.
and then try to go back to the 9 to 5
where nothing goes right
Oh! Oh! => ad lib



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