14 Aug 2014

New Original Songs

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Original New Songs by Vic Stathopoulos. The first song was 'Whenever I Walk'. Performed at Mother Reilly's in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday 13th August 2014.

Songs performed:

1. Whenever I Walk
2. People
3. Which Way Do We Go
4.  Ela Sagapo -  - Greek song
5.  Kalosorise File (Welcome Friends) - Greek song
6.  O Koursaros  - Greek cover song - originally sung by Vasilis Papakonstantinou
7.  Tik - Greek Traditional Instrumental (cover)
8.  Life is Too Short
9.  With a Little Discussion

On the way to the Mother Reilly's gig I asked someone in the street to take a photo of me so I could add to my social media pages like Facebook, Twitter etc. Here is the picture:

Vic Stathopoulos Walking to Gig

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