18 Jul 2014

Gig at Czech Inn

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Vic performed at a Gig at Czech Inn on Wednesday 7th July 2014.

Songs performed were:

1. F Major Hasaopserviko F Solo
2. Promise Not to Tell
3. I Didn't Know What to Say
4. I Love to Listen to / Kalosorises Vre File

I performed 2 original greek songs during this gig.

The Gig

This was the first time I performed in the Czech Inn. The gig was upstairs. Arrived at the gig around 9.45pm. The first act was on at 10pm and I was on stage at 11.15. 

My friend David came to the gig and we had a great time. We spoke to a guy from Prague who was on busines in Dublin. This was the second time Dave came to my gig.

Most of the songs I played in this gig were done spontaneously with no practice other than 'Promise Not to Tell'.  I felt inspired to try some original greek songs which I had written years ago.

The first song of the evening was an instrumental which I originally wrote on a greek bouzoukl and I performed it this eveing on guitar without accompaniment.

After the gig we walked back to Dublin and I had a burger at Burger King.

Where is Czech Inn?

Czech Inn is located on Essex gate, Temple Bar, Dublin 8.

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