9 Mar 2016

Vic Performs 3rd Gig of 2016

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Vic Stathopoulos performs some of his best songs like Lena and Many Times at his 3rd Gig of 2016.

Vic's 3rd Gig of 2016 was at Mother Reilly's in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland on Thursday 3rd, March, 2016.

Song played during gig:

1.   Lena
2.   Many Times 
3.   Well I Don't Know
4.   They Play My Feelings
5.   She's My Baby (part of Medley)
6.   Oh Baby She's Driving me Mad (part of Medley)
7.   Don't You See You Could Be For Me (part of Medley)
8.   Flight of Fantasy (part of Medley)
9.   Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.

Just before I went on stage, my Cort Guitar fell on the ground from the bench I had it on. Luckily it was not damaged, but it went slightly out of tune. I didn't have time to tune the guitar because I was heading straight to the stage. So if the guitar sounds slightly out of tune, now you know why.

Also when I played the first song Lena, the guitar sound was cutting out because the guitar cable was hitting the chair next to me. I managed to push the chair away as I played and the guitar cable did not give any problems for the rest of the session.

This was the first gig where I played in Mother Reilly's where I came early, about 8.30pm and I got on the stage at 9.45pm. Other times I would come after 10pm and get on stage mainly between 11pm and 11.30pm.

I also mentioned during the introduction that I was going to do my first radio interview, unfortunately it was cancelled and I might do it the following Tueday 15th March 2016.

The video reference is called M2U02725.

I hope you enjoyed the video and please tell your friends and family about my music and spread the word.


Vic Stathopoulos

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