31 Dec 2015


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Tharros is written and performed by Vic Stathopoulos. It is sung in Greek. It was written on 27th December 2015. Tharros means basically a form of courage in Greek - so 'you always have guts' basically courage with a bit of push/will power.

Added extra instrumentation on Wednesday 30th Decemeber 2015.

I used Liverpool Bass - so it has that fat sound.

Also used Gforce's Imposcar for the riffy synth sound. Plus there is a Minimonsta very soft in there also.

The piano is using Steinberg from Logic. I used to use Logic's Yamaha piano, but I think this sounds and fits better.

Playing my Fender using clean Fender like sound called 'Silver Dollar'.

I mixed it super quick.

Is this song going in a good direction?

Does it need less instruments aka clutter?


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