7 Jun 2015

Fiverr The Big Hook

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Thinking of entering Fiverr #TheBigHook music contest. I have written lots of songs and I think 'All I want to do is be with you' has a super catchy hook in start. I am not sure if the video has to be live or can I song on top of the recording.

Possible Songs

I have written lots of songs and the contest is looking for 30 seconds super catchy. 'All I Want to Do is Be With You' song intro first came in mind and I also like 'Be Yourself'.



Just got back from holiday in Greece on Sunday 8th June 2015 and I just saw it on Facebook.

- Saw Fiverr post on Facebook on Sunday 8th June 2015:
Calling all musicians! Fiverr is challenging you to create the ultimate hook for a chance to win a music career makeover in Nashville, TN. Got what it takes? Enter ‪#‎TheBigHook‬ now: http://www.fiverr.com/s2/b60acf0d7f

- Posted on Twitter on Sunday 8th June 2015:
Have a super #TheBigHook called 'All I Want To Do is Be With You'. https://soundcloud.com/vic10/all-i-want-to-do-is-be-with-you Does the video have to be live? #Fiverr


Vic Stathopoulos

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