5 Aug 2014

Sisters and Medley

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Been playing lots of gigs lately in various pubs. My name is Vic Stathopoulos & I played my latest song called 'Sisters' last week. Next gig at Mother Reilly's next wednesday.

Performed Sisters for the fist time live. Included a medley.

Songs performed:

1. Sisters.

18 Jul 2014

Gig at Czech Inn

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Vic performed at a Gig at Czech Inn on Wednesday 7th July 2014.

Songs performed were:

1. F Major Hasaopserviko F Solo
2. Promise Not to Tell
3. I Didn't Know What to Say
4. I Love to Listen to / Kalosorises Vre File

I performed 2 original greek songs during this gig.

The Gig

23 Jun 2014

Taste of Music at Arthurs

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Vic Stathopoulos performed at a Taste of Music at Arthurs on Saturday 5th July.  He will played some of his best songs including 'Lena' and 'Me and Celceia'.

Vic started the gig with a greek bouzouki solo which he performed alone with his guitar. He then continued with his song 'Promise Not to Tell'. He also played some greek songs.

19 Jun 2014

Brady's Gig

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Vic performed his first gig at Brady's Sessions on 30th May 2014.  The video below features six songs from that evening.

Performed the following songs:

Lena, Promise Not to Tell, Well I Don't Know, They Play my Feelings, With a Little Discussion, Many Times, Walkabout and Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.

Note: The above video does not feature the songs Walkabout and Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.

20 May 2014

New Songs for Gig

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Vic performed four new songs at his Mother Reilly's gig on Wednesday 21st May 2014.

The songs were:

1. Childhood Dreams
2. With a Little Discussion
3. Many Times and
4. Walkabout. 

Note: Walkabout was previously at the International Bar, but on this occasion the ending was slightly changed.

13 May 2014

1st Gig at Darkey Kellys

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Performed 1st Gig at Darkey Kellys on Tuesday 14th May 2014! 

Four songs played:

1. Lena
2.  Well I Don't Know
3. Promise Not to Tell
4. 9 to 5 (Part 2)

There were lots of other great acts during the night. I enjoyed watching Hector Castillo playing a cover of Muddy Water's classic 'Hoochie Coochie'.

22 Apr 2014

1st Gig at Mother Reily's

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Performed for the first time at Mother Reily's in Rathmines on Wednesday 23rd April 2014.

Four songs were performed:
1. Lena
2. Well I Don't Know
3. Life is Too Short
4. Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.

I'd like to say special thanks to Dave for the mixing.

Please note: the performance below is from another venue and I will be adding the Mother Reilly performance up in the  next few days.

3 Apr 2014

Vic Stathopoulos performed first time ever 'They Play My Feelings'. He played the acoustic guitar version of the song at the International Bar in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday 19th March 2014.

This was the first song he played that evening. The second song was called 'Walkabout'.

The video above has the song 'They Play My Feelings'. Here is a link directly to the video:

18 Dec 2013


Submitted by admin

Performing 'Maybe' at the International Bar tonite. I might also play a surprise 2nd song.

Vic Stathopoulos Singer Songwriter

A video of the performance will added online in the next few days, 

Maybe song is written by Vic Stathopoulos.

Second song might be Karri Tree.



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