12 Apr 2016

Vic Stathopoulos performed 3 songs at his 4th Gig of 2016. Vic dedicated 2 songs to George Martin who at the time had passed away. The gig video consists of 3 videos below.

Three songs played during the gig.

1. All I Want to Do is Be with You

2. I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles Cover - dedicated to George Martin)

3. I Don't Have to Show my Inhibitions (Dedicated to George Martin)

1 Apr 2016

Vic Stathopoulos will be interviewed and perform 3 songs on Sunday Night with Keith on Sunday 8.30pm, 3rd April 2016 on Dublin South 93.9FM. You can listen to the program online or live radio if you live in Dublin, Ireland. The radio present is Keith McLoughlin.

Here is a link to go directly to Dublin South 93.9FM.


The Interview will start at 8.30 to 9pm. The show goes from 8pm to 9.30pm.

24 Feb 2016

First Gig of 2016

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Vic performed his First Gig of 2016 at Mother Reilly's in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday 18th, February.  He played 3 songs: True Love, I Don't Want to Dream (about being your lover) and Book of Love. On this page you can watch the video performances, plus you can also access the associated lyrics. 

Video 1 features True Love

This is a direct link to the video:

21 Feb 2016

True Love

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True Love is music and lyrics are written by Vic Stathopoulos. You can view the live music performance and later stage the studio recording. You can also read the lyrics to the song.

Vic Stathopoulos is performing True Love at Mother Reilly's in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland on Thursday 18th, February, 2016.

19 Feb 2016

How Many Sorrows

Submitted by admin

How Many Sorrows music and lyrics are by Vic Stathopoulos.

Verse 1

How many sorrows are on your mind
It's like a wind blowing thorough the cloudy skies
and how many times has your heart hurt
When someone has just walk in your past.


It was that day
It was that rainy day.
It was that day
It was that day, that raining day.

Verse 2

17 Feb 2016

Learn to Say No

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Learn to Say No music and lyrics are written by Vic Stathopoulos.

Guitar Riff

Verse 1

You've got to stand up for yourself (sing 4 times)
Don't let the other people walk on you (sing 2 times)
Cause if you let them, they'll do it
Cause if you let them do it, say NO.

You go to learn to say NO
Say no,
say no,
no! no! no! no!
Say no,
say no,
say no.



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