18 Dec 2013


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Performing 'Maybe' at the International Bar tonite. I might also play a surprise 2nd song.

Vic Stathopoulos Singer Songwriter

A video of the performance will added online in the next few days, 

Maybe song is written by Vic Stathopoulos.

Second song might be Karri Tree.

20 Nov 2013

Vic Stathopoulos performed 'People' at the International Bar, Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday 6th October 2013.  Check out the video performance below.

This was Vic's third performance at the International Bar in Dublin. On this occasion he played two songs: People of Today and 'People'. Only the 'People' video is available online.

30 Oct 2013

Tonite I am performing 'In the Night Sky' at the International Bar in Dublin. #news #halloween

Halloween Moon

It's 5.45pm and I just posted the above picture in Facebook and Twitter. I will now practice the song. I might also play 2 more songs.

Either come back tonite or tomorrow nite and I will hopefully have more info and some pics.

See you then,



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