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Black Knight

19 Aug 2012
Black Knight pinball by Williams is a classic. The pinball machine has got a lot of features for its day: Multiball (2 and 3-ball), magnasaves, speech and the first double level playfield in pinball. It was designed by living pinball legend Steve Ritchie, who also designed machines like High Speed, Terminator 2, Star Trek the Next Generation and, more recently, Spiderman.

Alien Star

25 Apr 2012

Alien Star pinball was released in June 1984 by Mylar (Gottlieb). The pinball is space themed. It does not appear to have any connection to Alien movie themes.

This is the picture of the Alien Star Cabinet.

The Alien Star pinball machine uses Gottlieb System 80A.

This picture is the Alien Star Flyer (Brochure).