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11 Sep 2013

Vic Stathopoulos performed for the first time in the USA on Sunday 8th September 2013. While visiting Nashville he visited the Ryman Auditorium and recorded a song called 'Lena' in the Ryman Auditorium recording studio. He performed the song live in front of a small audience while the photographer took a tourist photo while he sang 'Lena'.

30 Nov 2012

New Website Design

Submitted by admin

Compiling new ideas for a new website design using Drupal. Exploring possible tools and modules to achieve the new design. Aim is to create a website with easy to read, view and navigate.

These are ideas from some websites that use Drupal.

The website features articles, blogs, photos, video galleries, breaking news, profiles of top and emerging artists, event calendar (grouped by category and country).