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24 Feb 2016

First Gig of 2016

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Vic performed his First Gig of 2016 at Mother Reilly's in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday 18th, February.  He played 3 songs: True Love, I Don't Want to Dream (about being your lover) and Book of Love. On this page you can watch the video performances, plus you can also access the associated lyrics. 

Video 1 features True Love

This is a direct link to the video:

23 Feb 2015

3rd Gig of 2015

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Vic performed his 1st Gig of March 2015 at Mother Reilly's in Dublin Ireland. Played Change by Night, Maybe, She's my Baby, Oh Your Driving Me Mad, Come with Me and To our Victory.

The song 'To the Victory' was not videoed that evening.

Promoting the Gig

If you want to help us promote the gig, the tell all your friends and share it on the social media or other web pages you are using.


19 Feb 2015

2nd Gig of 2015

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Vic Stathopoulos performed his 2nd gig of 2015 on Wednesday 18th February at Mother Reilly's Pub in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland. It was a great night. Vic performed his first ever live acoustic performance of  'Sitting in a Car'.

23 Dec 2014

Last Gig of 2014

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Vic performed his last gig of 2014 in Mother Reily's on 17th December 2014.

Songs included Lena, Promise Not to Tell.

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.