11 Jan 2013

Music Marketing

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Importance of Emailing List

It is very important to get fans to sign up to your music email mailing list because most internet users have and still email and also if one of your social networks closes, changes or loses its populaity email is always the best way to get in touch with your fans.

Encourage your fans to be active in your other promotion channels.

Using Widgets

A widget is a piece of html code which displays various bits of information streamed from your social networks or lets fans to interact with your website, other social media or other websites.  Most all of the major social networks like Facebook and Twitter offer widget(s)  to embed on your website, blog, etc.

Marketing Channels

Some social media channels maybe more active than others.

Things to promote:

- giveaways

- special deals to fans on facebook/Twitter if they sign up on your mailing list.

- discounts

- coupons

Announce on various platforms that you will giveaway a CD every week on your music website and mention it on your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube etc. The more places you advertise it the better exposure you get. Do not concentrate on too many social networks or you won't be able to concentrate on them all. General music marketing will help you increase your CD sales, online music sales, gig / show attendance, internet video views and new increasing new fans.

Schedule Posts / Tweets to Social Media




How to Cross-Promote Your Music Using Social Media Widgets: by Kevin Breuner (CDBaby)


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